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SanaCoonPride Cattery will not sell a kitten without a contract agreement being signed and agreed to by the Buyer. Taking care of a kitten is a BIG responsibility. We will always be available to give advice on some needs the kitten has that you may, or may not have, considered. We are very much committed to making sure our fur babies will receive the proper care and love they deserve. Most of our Maine Coon cat/kittens are being sold as PETs ONLY to the approved Buyer ONLY. Ownership is not to be transferred to any other person without prior approval from SanaCoonPride Cattery, who must be given the first right to rehome the cat/kitten. Our kittens ussually ready to go to the new homes between 12 and 16 weeks. Breeder reserves the right to hold a kitten back from being sold if it develops any shot reactions or any other illness that could occur until the kitten is completely well. The Buyer Agrees With The Following:

 ❖ The cat will receive its booster shots as recommended by the breeder. Kittens will have their first sets of shots at 8 and 12 weeks of age. The kitten will need its next 16 week of age set of shots and Rabies by the new owner. An adult cat will need his every year booster and Rabies shots every three years. The kitten should be seen by a licensed vet within 72 hours of pick up or delivery or the health guarantee will be void. (Weekends and Holidays Excluded)

❖ The cat will not be denied the necessary medical attention. If the owner is unsure whether or not the animal is in need of medical services, a vet will be contacted, the situation will be 1 explained, and the vet's advice will be acted upon.

 ❖ The cat will not be allowed outside except on a leash (under close supervision), or in a completely enclosed run. Contact with outside cats or un-vetted indoor cats will void the health guarantee. Un-vetted cats can carry diseases that are not treatable, and you wouldn’t want to lose your beloved Maine Coon!

❖ The cat will not be declawed, as this is inhumane and an unnecessary act. 

❖ The cat will receive frequent and kind human attention and not be neglected or mistreated. Maine Coons love attention!

❖ If for any reason, other than the animal's health, you cannot retain ownership of the cat/kitten, the Breeder will be contacted to be given the first right to assist in rehoming the cat/kitten.

❖ No cat/kitten from this cattery may be sold or given to an animal shelter, a pet store, abandoned, or given to a laboratory!!

❖ Kittens and cats purchased from SanaCoonPride ussually are going to new homes already altered.

❖ At NO time are any SanaCoonPride cattery kittens to be used for breeding without express written/registered consent of the Breeder. If we find that any cats or kittens have been sold, or are intentionally, or unintentionally, being bred, the Buyer of said animal will pay the full breeding right fees. SanaCoonPride Cattery retains the rights to take legal action to receive these fees if not paid in full within 60 days of finding a cat or kitten has been sold or bred. All legal fees will be at the expense of the Buyer of the kitten or cat purchased from SanaCoonPride Cattery.

❖ If the kittens not already spayed/neutered by the breeder, registration papers will be sent to the buyer upon proof of neutering or spaying of the kitten by a licensed veterinarian before 8 months of age. . To the best of our knowledge, our kittens are healthy at the time of sale, and copies of the veterinary records/shots will be sent home with the Buyer.


 Kittens are being fed high-quality cat food and it is recommended to continue a high-quality diet for the life of the cat. I feed my kittens Royal Canine Kittens dry and wet food and Royal Canine Sensitive Stomach  to adult cats. I can help inform you of any other brands that you may prefer. We Do Not Hold Kittens For Anyone Without Signed Contracts and Reservation fees. Kitten prices range from 2000- 2800 as a pet. Retired breeders from $600. 

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